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Welcome to Benchmarking 2.0

Established in 1995, the North Carolina Benchmarking Project allows municipalities to compare their service and performance trends with other participating units. Benchmarking 2.0, launched in 2022, streamlines data collection and offers opportunities for robust analysis, peer conversations, and best-practice development.

The Benchmarking 2.0 Team

Obed Pasha headshot
Obed Pasha
Project Director
Associate Professor of Public Management
Dania Khan Headshot
Dania Khan
Project Coordinator
Caitlin Lancaster Headshot
Caitlin Lancaster
Project Assistant (Municipalities)
Melissa Cordell Headshot
Melissa Cordell
Senior Graduate Assistant
Reilly Stahl Headshot
Reilly Stahl
Senior Graduate Assistant
Keegan Huynh Headshot
Keegan Huynh
Project Assistant (Counties)
Jenna Kubiak Headshot
Jenna Kubiak
Graduate Assistant
Layne Cole Headshot
Layne Cole
Graduate Assistant
Jordan Haber Headshot
Jordan Haber
Graduate Assistant